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High Protein Sandwich Recipes


123. When sandwiches of a substantial nature are desired, those in which
high-protein foods are used as fillings will be found very acceptable.
Here considerable variety may be had, for there are a number of these
foods that make excellent fillings. Some sandwiches of this kind are
suitable for serving with salads while others, such as those containing
meat or chicken, are very satisfactory for picnics or light lunches.

124. JELLY-AND-CREAM-CHEESE SANDWICHES.--A sandwich that is very dainty
as well as unusually good is made by using both jelly and cream cheese
for filling. Sandwiches of this kind are shown on the plate to the right
in Fig. 25. If a red jelly, such as currant jelly, is used, the
appearance of the sandwich will be better than if a light jelly or a
very dark jelly is used.

Cut the bread very thin and match three slices for the sandwich instead
of two. Spread the first piece thinly with butter and spread the
opposite side of the second piece with jelly. Place this on the buttered
bread and spread the other side with cream cheese. Spread another piece
with butter and place this on top of the cream cheese. Trim the edges if
desired, and cut into narrow strips. Serve.

125. RYE-BREAD-AND-CHEESE SANDWICHES.--Rye bread and cheese make a
favored combination with many persons. Swiss cheese is an excellent kind
to serve with rye bread, but the American-made Cheddar cheese does very
nicely if the other cannot be procured.

Cut rye bread into slices about 1/4 inch thick. Spread them very thinly
with butter, and between each two slices place a thin slice of the
cheese. Serve mustard with sandwiches of this kind for any one who may
desire it.

126. CHEESE SANDWICHES.--Cheese combined with pimiento, sweet pickles,
olives, and nuts makes a filling that has an excellent flavor.
Sandwiches containing this filling will be found to be very good for
picnics or lunches. Their food value, which, of course, is high, depends
somewhat on the amount of filling used.


1/4 lb. cheese
1/4 c. English walnut meats
1 pimiento
1/2 doz. olives, cut from stones
2 sweet pickles

Put the cheese through a grinder unless it is soft enough to mash. Chop
the pimiento, pickles, nuts, and olives quite fine and add the cheese.
Work together with a spoon. Cut bread into thin slices, spread one piece
with butter, the other one with the cheese filling, place the two
together, trim if desired, and serve.

127. CHEESE-AND-NUT SANDWICHES.--Cream cheese is used in the
accompanying recipe, but other cheese may be substituted for it if
desired. Sandwiches containing this filling are high in both protein and
fat, and may be served very nicely with a vegetable salad.


1 pkg. cream cheese
1/3 c. English walnut meats
4 Tb. salad dressing

Mash the cheese with a spoon and add the salad dressing. Just before
making the sandwiches, add the nut meats, which have been chopped very
fine. If this mixture is put together and allowed to stand for any
length of time before serving, the filling will grow dark.

Cut bread thinly, butter one slice, place filling on the opposite slice,
put together, trim if desired, and serve.

128. PEANUT-BUTTER SANDWICHES.--Peanut butter alone makes a rather dry
sandwich, as it has a peculiar consistency that makes it difficult to
swallow without moistening. This condition can be overcome by adding a
little salad dressing to the peanut butter.

Place a few tablespoonfuls of peanut butter in a bowl and pour a
sufficient amount of salad dressing into it to moisten it enough to
spread. Season with salt. Cut slices of bread thin, spread one piece
with butter, the opposite piece with peanut butter, place together, trim
if desired, and serve.

129. HARD-COOKED-EGG SANDWICHES.--An excellent sandwich filling can be
made by seasoning hard-cooked eggs and combining them with vinegar. To
make this filling, cook the desired number of eggs until they are hard.
Remove them from the shells and put them through a sieve. Season well
with salt and pepper and then add sufficient vinegar to make them of a
good consistency to spread. Cut bread thin, spread one piece with
butter, and the opposite piece with the egg mixture. Put them together,
trim the edges if desired, and serve.

130. MEAT SANDWICHES.--Cold cooked meat may be used in sandwiches in
the usual way by putting thin slices between buttered bread, or it may
be put through the grinder or chopped finely and then mixed with salad
dressing until thin enough to spread. With the meat may also be chopped
pickles, olives, a small amount of onion, green pepper, pimiento, or
anything desired for flavoring. Left-over roast meat that will not slice
very well and trimmings from ham may be utilized in this way.

When a filling of chopped meat is to be used, slice bread thin, spread
one slice with butter and the opposite slice with the meat filling. Put
together, trim if desired, and serve.

131. CHICKEN SANDWICHES.--Cold chicken sliced thinly, put between pieces
of crisp toast, and spread with salad dressing, makes a sandwich that is
most delicious and offers a pleasant change from the usual plain-bread
sandwich. Cut bread 1/4 inch thick and toast it a delicate brown on both
sides. Spread thinly with butter when it comes from the toaster. Between
each two pieces place thin slices of chicken. Spread the chicken with a
small amount of salad dressing, place a lettuce leaf on top of this, and
cover with a second piece of toast. Serve.

132. CHICKEN-SALAD SANDWICHES.--When there is on hand only a small
amount of chicken that is perhaps not in the right condition for
slicing, it is a good plan to make a salad of it and use this for
sandwich filling. If necessary, a little veal or pork may be used with
the chicken.


1 c. cold meat
1 hard-cooked egg
1/2 c. chopped celery
Salad dressing
1 small onion

Chop all the ingredients very fine, mix together, and season well with
salt and pepper. Add sufficient salad dressing to moisten well. Cut
bread thin and spread a slice with butter and another slice with the
sandwich mixture. Place a lettuce leaf over this, put the two pieces of
bread together, trim and serve.

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